Fiber Optic Network Solutions launches connector product line

March 2, 2005 - RC Rugged Connector System product line will be extension to Pathways FTTP solution.

Fiber Optic Network Solutions Corp. recently launched its RC Rugged Connector System product line, an extension to the company's Pathways FTTP end-to-end connectivity solution.

Included in FONS' RC product line is its RC rugged connector system, RC drop cables, RC drop terminals and RC MDU terminals, all fully compatible with the OptiTap brand manufactured by Corning Cable Systems.
FONS' RC connectors and adapters used within its rugged connector system are manufactured by FONS under a technology license agreement from Corning Cable Systems, and are designed to provide an easy to use reliable interface for optical fiber drop cables in the outside plant environment. Under the agreement, FONS licensed Corning's OptiTap technology and made a significant development and manufacturing investment in its own RC brand of hardened connectors, adapters and related products.

FONS' RC product line is completely compatible with Corning's OptiTap connector product line and is designed to reduce the time and expense of drop cable deployment in an FTTP network, while providing reliability and performance in the customer connection segment of the network.

"Our extensive RC product line provides our customers with the most cost effective, reliable, flexible and highest performance solution for drop cable deployment in the outside plant environment, while still guaranteeing full intermateability and compatibility with Corning's OptiTap connector offering," states Michael Noonan, president and CEO of FONS.

"We offer the only alternative in the industry to Corning today," Nonnan continues. "Our RC product offering is available now and has been selected by several of our customers to support their FTTP network requirements for high performance, low cost outside plant connectivity solutions making FTTP a reality."

FONS' RC optical connector and adapter, hardened to protect against extreme temperature, moisture, chemical exposure and other hard conditions found in the outside plant, are used to connect multi-port optical fiber terminals or fiber terminal closures typically located at the street with Optical Network Terminals (ONT) via RC drop cables. This system is installed on the external enclosure surface so that connections can be completed without opening the enclosure, essentially creating a "plug and play" connection.

The application facilitates rapid deployment of optical services by quickly and efficiently connecting rugged connectors at the terminal at the street and the ONT at the premises, supporting both aerial and below grade installations. FONS RC connector system is based on standard SC connector and adapter technology. It contains an SC style adapter and inner connector as the basis for coupling inside the RC adapter/connector housing. This ensures reliability and compatibility with a wide range of SC connectors now on the market, and with Corning's OptiTap connectors and adapters that utilize the SC as the basis of the design.

All of FONS' OSP products have been designed and tested to meet the stringent requirements to provide necessary environmental protection for OSP applications.

FONS is based in Marlborough, MA. For more information visit

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