New slide-out rack-mount fiber enclosures from HellermannTyon

Aug. 4, 2005
Aug. 4, 2005 - Available in 1U to 4U heights, the product line incorporates a front slide-out tray for fiber access.

HellermannTyton ( recently announced its new rack-mount fiber enclosures, which are designed to be mounted on either 19- or 23-inch relay racks. The four enclosures in the new line are easily accessible, the company says, characterizing them as the ideal direct termination and splice solution of LAN applications capable of supporting as many as 144 fibers.

The enclosures use a front slide-out tray for easy access to fibers. When the tray is completely pulled out, it locks in place to assure no strain on fibers. The enclosures also are equipped with cable-management and routing accessories to maintain proper bend radius and strain relief control. An open, flat surface area on the tray accommodates the application of the manufacturer's adhesive labels for proper fiber identification. The rack-mount fiber enclosures are also designed to accept the appropriate number of HellermannTyton's splice trays.

The line is available in sizes from 1 to 4 rack units (U) in height. The 1U model, FERM18S, accepts three adapter panels and one splice tray while providing enough room to accept up to 36 fibers, taking up minimal space on the relay rack. The FERM36S, 2U in height, includes a tinted plexiglass window and can be fitted with up to six adapter panels and two splice trays allowing 72 fibers in a low-profile enclosure. The 3U (FERM54S) and 4U (FERM72S) enclosures also possess a tinted plexiglass window and a raised front edge to assist tray pullout. FERM54S holds nine adapter panels and three splice trays, and accepts up to 108 fibers, whereas the 4U enclosure accepts up to 144 fibers in its 12-adapter panel and four splice tray enclosures.

The enclosures are part of HellermannTyton's fiber-optic solutions line that also includes wall-mount enclosures, adapter panels, cable assemblies available in various lengths with ST, SC, MT-RJ and LC connectors, and fiber modules.

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