West Virginia town joins advanced broadband project

Aug. 12, 2005
August 12, 2005 - Vienna City Council to move forward with project created by iTown Communications.

iTown Communications has announced that Vienna, WV voted to participate in its West Virginia Firstsm Advanced Broadband Project.

In a 5-1 vote, the Vienna City Council agreed to move forward with the project. Vienna joins Parkersburg and Wood County in forming the second cluster of communities in West Virginia First.

The project is an advanced broadband project for communities across West Virginia. It is designed to provide West Virginia with a competitive advantage in the broadband revolution by establishing the ultra-high capacity communications infrastructure needed in the new economy. Through the project, an optical fiber Local Community Public-Use Networksm will directly connect to homes, businesses, schools, government offices and other institutions in participating communities. The LCPN is purposely designed as an open network so many different retail service providers can connect to deliver video, Internet, telephone, security, and other services bringing competition and choice to consumers.

Last month iTown announced that the target service area including Beckley, Raleigh County and Fayette County is already in the feasibility study stage of the project.

"I'm excited to bring the advantages of ultra-high capacity broadband to my home town. West Virginia First is gaining momentum," says Keith Montgomery, president of iTown. "Local leaders across the state understand the importance of advanced broadband infrastructure to West Virginia's economic future, and know they need to take an active role to ensure their communities benefit from the broadband revolution."

iTown Communications, based in Vienna, VA, designs, builds and operates local ultra-high capacity broadband networks. For more information visit www.itowncom.net.

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