SnakeTray now available in different colors

August 30, 2005 - Color schemes allow for instant recognition of different services.

Aug 30th, 2005

SnakeTray is now available in a full spectrum of colors designed to meet cable plan requirements for code issues, aesthetics and safety needs.

SnakeTray is a bendable steel cable tray that bends by hand in any direction without cutting or clipping. It can be used in overhead or wall mount installations, or below computer access floors.

The color schemes allow for instant recognition of different services, including security, fiber, safety, telecom, and fire. They are designed to facilitate architectural statements for open plan ceilings, and are available in all colors.

SnakeTray's integrated grounding surfaces now allow for ground bonds to be maintained, eliminating the need for scrapping or painting.

SnakeTray is based in Bay Shore, NY. For more information visit

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