Leviton introduces eXtreme 10G System

August 31, 2005 - Company designed the system to incorporate today's installation practices.

Leviton Voice & Data has announced its new eXtreme 10G System.

eXtreme 10G is fully compatible with the latest draft ANSI/TIA standard 568-B.2-10 rev 1.4 for 10-Gigabit Ethernet cabling requirements in a four-connector, 100-meter channel. Designed with Superior Essex 10Gain UTP Cable, the system guarantees a 4-decibel (dB) margin over the current draft standard for Power Sum ACR.

"The eXtreme 10G connector introduces several technical breakthroughs," says Bill Slater, marketing manager. "Patent-pending Cone of Silence creates a noise elimination zone that effectively blocks out AXT from an adjacent connector. Patented Retention Force Technology, an innovative spring technology, reinforces tine contact in connectors to protect against damage caused by insertion of 4- or 6-pin plugs and ensures error free performance over the life of the system."

Leviton designed the eXtreme 10G system to incorporate today's installation practices and the 10 Gigabit Ethernet performance end users want for high-bandwidth applications.

"Our customers planning to migrate to a 10G system recognize their structured cabling system as an asset," states Keith Kosanovich, copper product manager. "As 10G electronics become available, our customers want the guarantee that they are installing the best 10G cabling solution available to support their business."

The eXtreme 10G system is designed to enable networks to support current technologies such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled devices (VoIP, wireless access points, and IP cameras), 10/100/1G Ethernet, as well as advanced new 10G and IP-based services.

eXtreme 10G is guaranteed to exceed the current TIA 10 gigabit specifications for alien crosstalk, PSNEXT, PSELFEXT, ACR, PSACR, insertion loss and return loss, with tested transmission performance, as well as meet IEEE 802.3an rev 1.0 application requirements.

Leviton is based in Bothell, WA. For more information visit www.levitonvoicedata.com.

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