Brady Corp. introduces NetDoc Network Documentation

Jan. 19, 2005 - Product allows users to manage cabling, network telephony and legacy connections.

Brady Corp. has introduced its NetDoc Network Documentation and Cable Management Software.

The software is designed to provide complete ANSI/TIA/EIA 606A documentation compliance.

NetDoc allows users to manage cabling, network, telephony and legacy connections. The software package is also designed to make it easy to document horizontal and backbone cables, hardware assets, pathways, locations, users, and more.

Jim Pettit, datacom business development manager for Brady (Milwaukee, WI;, says the company worked with network managers and telecom consultants to design the software.

"The goal was to create a Web-enabled, TIA606-A complaint cable management solution that was easy to use and would drastically improve the efficiency in identifying, locating and fixing problems within their physical network," says Pettit.

"By creating a Microsoft Excel import tool to speed up and simplify the transfer of data into NetDoc, as well as creating a seamless integration with Brady's LabelMark label design software, users are able to manage their physical network, create and print identifiers, document and generate reports for their entire voice and data network with one software package," adds Pettit.

NetDoc is designed to integrate directly with Brady's LabelMark label design software. The combined use of these products allows for the seamless transfer of identifier information directly into LabelMark. This complete documentation and labeling solution is designed to increase productivity, reduce costs and maximize internal resources.

NetDoc features include login security, documentation wizards, user and date stamping on all notes, customizable fields and attachment capabilities. The software can be quickly and easily installed.

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