Silver Fox creates unique label for Belden patch panel

Jan. 14, 2005 - Label required special adhesive.

Silver Fox Ltd. has created a unique label for the GigaFlex PS6+, Belden CDT Networking's high end Category 6 patch panel.

"Working with Belden CDT, we were able to create a label material with adhesive that has exceptional durability. We are very pleased with this new addition to the LabelFlex software-based labeling solution that Silver Fox manufactures for Belden CDT," says Nick Michaelson, president of Silver Fox (United Kingdom,

Silver Fox will present the label alongside their other labeling innovations at BICSI's Winter Conference in Orlando, FL. You will find them at Booth 425.

Silver Fox offers manufactures' labeling solutions through software platform called Labacus Innovator US Data. This provides an integrated administration solution to specifiers and installers that complies with the ratified ANSI/TIA/EIA-606A standard. This software also can import information from Windows applications, such as EXCEL and CSV files to produce label builds.

Mike Phillips, vice president of marketing for Silver Fox, says the company has learned to use innovation to get round any product development problem.

"Very often, a lot of our development comes from end user issues," says Phillips. "When the end users come up against what they see as a problem, we see it as an opportunity and we get involved in research and development from that."

One year ago, Silver Fox was producing labels for Belden CDT (St. Louis, MI; patch panel products and the current adhesive was working well. However, Belden CDT then decided to introduce a new patch panel that, unlike most other patch panels, featured a unique, textured finish developed to hide fingerprints and smudges. Traditional labels would not adhere to this finish.

So, Silver Fox set out to develop a new adhesive. The company researched the problem, bringing the patch panel to different laboratories and experimenting with different adhesive solutions.

"There was lots of experimentation until we got the adhesive that we were happy with and, most importantly, one that Belden CDT was happy with," says Phillips.

Phillips says Silver Fox is now able to produce labels, backed by this unique adhesive, on labels for other OEMs' products requiring very strong adhesive properties.

He also says BICSI will represent the opportune time to showcase the new label and adhesive.

"We will be promoting the prime benefits sought by busy installers - massive time and cost savings in project labeling, standardization of labeling over varied locations and time gaps, as well as the durability and reliability of our labels that virtually eliminates the risk to an IT manager, post installation, of having to wade through a confetti of fallen labels to facilitate a connectivity move or resolve an emergency", says Phillips.

"(At BICSI) we are actually getting face-to-face with specifiers, installers and end users," Phillips continues. "It's extremely useful to get feedback from them and learn how important labeling is to them or not and why they embrace certain systems."

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