OFS introduces OptiCost FTTX modeling service

Nov. 17, 2005 - Modeling service is designed to help service providers and home developers identify optical network designs that fit their needs.

OFS has announced the introduction of the OptiCost FTTX modeling service to help service providers, home developers, telecommunication companies, municipalities and other network owners and operators identify optical network designs that fit their unique needs and enable low system and life cycle costs.

The OptiCost FTTX models used to provide this service include guidelines for selecting solutions for single-family residences and multi-dwelling units, as well as charts for splitter location and multiple cabinet planning. They analyze a series of factors or "dynamics" that are unique to each provider, such as capital budget constraints, anticipated customer take rate, served area geography, fusion splicing or connectors, centralized or distributive splitting, type of installation, contractor fees and customer preferences, among others. They also show the costs and attributes of different optical distribution designs for each configuration that then can be compared to help find the most cost-effective solution.

"At OFS we understand that one fiber optic network design does not fit all," says Jun Goto, executive director of the FTTX Business Unit at OFS. "Every FTTX provider has a different set of dynamics that are unique to its circumstances. The OptiCost FTTX Models help customers find the most appropriate and economical FTTX design, eliminate unnecessary costs, and place the value where they need it."

The OptiCost FTTX Models are also designed to help providers gain a complete understanding of the complex relationship between all the costs of a network with graphical and numerical data that illustrate the tradeoffs associated with different design options. The model inputs can be varied to consider the provider's unique needs and dynamics to identify a cost-effective and customer optimized solution for the area that is being considered.

OFS is based in Norcross, GA. For more information visit www.ofsoptics.com.

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