Nuvio Corp. files request for a partial stay of E911 order

Nov. 2, 2005 - Order would impact VoIP service providers.

Nuvio Corp., a provider of Voice over Internet Protocol services, today announced that it has filed with the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit an emergency request for a partial stay of the E911 Order for VoIP Service Providers.

Because of the looming Nov. 28 deadline Nuvio felt that it had no other choice but to ask the court to intervene. The court issued an immediate order requiring the FCC to respond by Nov. 8 at noon. Nuvio and others have made repeated requests for clarification and direction from the FCC on this matter. Jason Talley, president and CEO of Nuvio, says to date it has received no response.

"We had hoped that the FCC would give guidance in this matter, much like they did in the affirmative compliance deadlines," says Talley. "Unfortunately, either the FCC and staff has been unable or unwilling to answer rudimentary questions about how the deadline will affect users on Nov. 28. Since they remain silent, we have no choice but to ask the court to stay these arbitrary and untenable rules."

Nuvio is in the process of deploying a VoIP 911 solution for nomadic users from a provider of 911 services but maintains that no VoIP providers will be able to completely comply with the FCC rules unless further clarification is given.

"What we have been seeking from the FCC, is some acknowledgment of parity between VoIP and wireless 911 deployments," Talley continues. "Wireless had 36 million users at the time 911 mandates were enacted and wireless has been given over 12 years to implement a solution. By comparison, VoIP had, at the most several million users, and has been given a paltry 120 days to design and implement a nationwide solution. This is not only unfair in comparison to wireless, but potentially disastrous to this new technology."

Nuvio is based in Overland Park, KS. For more information visit

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