Belden CDT expands Variable Frequency Drive cable line

Nov. 17, 2005 - New line includes five Large AWG Symmetrical VFD cables and five new Signal Brake Pair VFD cables.

Belden CDT Electronics Division has announced the expansion of its line of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) cables for industrial AC motor drive applications.

Line additions include five Large AWG Symmetrical VFD cables and five new Signal Brake Pair VFD cables. The new cables supplement Belden's line of 16 to 2 AWG flexible VFD cables.

In industrial settings, VFD cables are used to carry power from AC drive systems to AC motors. In doing so, they are subjected to the high power levels of pulse-width modulated (PWM) signals, and also to extreme voltage. Voltage extremes can lead to a corona discharge between the cable's conductors, damaging not only the cabling, but the motors, bearings, drives and related equipment. This can result in drive failure and costly production downtime. Conventional VFD cabling solutions, such as armored cable and lead wire conduit, are cumbersome and difficult to install and do not solve noise and corona discharge problems. Belden's full line of VFD cables were designed and engineered to overcome these challenges.

The Belden series of VFD cables now includes:

* Large AWG VFD Cable with Symmetrical Design - The new 1 to 4/0 AWG cables feature three stranded XLPE TC circuit conductors and two spiral copper tape shields that improve flexibility and EMI/RFI noise protection. Three symmetrical bare copper ground wires provide a balance ground system to reduce AC motor shaft voltage, which reduces the likelihood of premature motor bearing or insulation failure. The large VFD cables are designed for use on larger, more powerful AC motor drives.
* Signal Pair VFD Brake Cables - Belden's new 16 to 8 AWG VFD cables feature three stranded XLPE TC circuit conductors plus a full size insulated green/yellow ground wire, a dual (foil/braid) shield for effective EMI/RFI noise reduction, plus a signal pair for brake. The cables are round and smooth to allow proper sealing of glands and molding applications.

All of Belden's VFD 1000V UL flexible motor supply cables meet applicable industry standards and are designed to offer the robust construction required for superior electrical performance and reliability in the most demanding industrial environments. Thicker, industrial-grade XLPE insulation provides lower capacitance and more stable electrical performance and heavy-duty PVC jackets ensure oil and sunlight resistance. Belden VFD cables are tested and approved for use in Rockwell Automation AC drives and are also suitable for use with drives from other major manufacturers.

Belden CDT Electronics Division is based in Richmond, IN. For more information visit

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