Siemon Company adds online radio show to Web page

Sept. 23, 2005 - Industry Standards Online Radio Show uses Podcast technology.

The Siemon Company has added an online radio show to its e-learning center at

The Siemon Company's "Industry Standards Online Radio Show" utilizes new Podcast technology, enabling electronic broadcasting over the Internet. This medium allows users to learn about the latest network applications and trends, telecommunications standards, cabling technology, future innovations and global cabling standards through on-demand audio files that can be played directly from the Web page or downloaded to any MP3 audio player.

Hosted by members of The Siemon Company's Expert Panel, the continually updated and expanded show now covers the following topics:

* The TIA 942 Data Center Standard
* Why audit your network infrastructure?
* Compliance assistance through intelligent patching
* Wireless standards update
* Voice over IP considerations
* 10GBASE-T standards update
* Power over Ethernet standards update

The show is now available in English, and future installments will include Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.

These online broadcasts are an addition to The Siemon Company's e-learnng center, which offers content such as cabling standards guides, whitepapers, global customer success library, emerging technology webinars and a cabling term glossary.

In addition to e-learning modules, the Web site includes a variety of tools for end-users as well as network designers and installers.

The Siemon Company, which manufactures network cabling solutions, is based in Watertown CT. For more information visit

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