PowerDsine grants license to Netstar Technology Corp.

Sept. 19, 2005
Sept. 19, 2005 - Company will use PowerDsine's patent in connection with the manufacture of Power over Ethernet midspan products.

PowerDsine Ltd. has announced that it has granted a license to Netstar Technology Corp. of Taiwan for use of PowerDsine's U.S. Patent 6,473,608 in connection with the manufacture and sale of Power over Ethernet midspan products.

"We are very pleased that Netstar has agreed to license our patented PoE technology," says Simon Kahn, director of intellectual property at PowerDsine. "This agreement is a continuation of PowerDsine's intellectual property strategy of providing licenses to companies that wish to market midspan PoE products."

PowerDsine's US patent 6,473,608 addresses an Ethernet LAN, in which "power enabled" elements are detected so that power can be distributed safely via spare pairs of an Ethernet cable to those elements without affecting legacy devices. Such legacy devices might include wireless LAN access points, network-based cameras and VoIP phones. The patent covers PoE midspan products that connect to an Ethernet switch in order to PoE-enable an enterprise network.

PowerDsine has been granted similar patents in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In addition, PowerDsine has patent applications covering this technology pending in Europe and five other countries.

PowerDsine is based in Israel. For more information visit www.powerdsine.com.

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