TIA, TTA-Korea renew standards commitment

Sept. 2, 2005
Sept. 2, 2005 - Two associations will continue to coordinate standards development for their industries in the United States and Korea.

The Telecommunications Industry Association and the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA -- Korea) have renewed their commitment to coordinate standards development for their industries in the United States and Korea.

This was a renewed commitment by each standards body to the principles of cooperation and partnership.

The TIA and TTA used the occasion of their participation in the Global Standards Collaboration (GSC-10) meeting this week in Sophia-Antipolis to revise and renew the TIA/TTA cooperation agreement first signed by Chu-Hwan Yim, TTA secretary general years ago and currently president of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI). The renewal agreement this week was signed by Dan Bart, senior vice president, standards and special projects, for TIA, and Hong Koo Kim, the current secretary general of TTA.

This renewal will allow for enhanced cooperation by providing for:

* Mutual exchange of views, publications, newsletters and other information on the status of the information and communications industries in the two countries.

* Encouragement of mutual support and assistance between the two standards development organizations to ensure balanced and mutually beneficial development of standardization between the two countries and attend to market demands in effective and concerted ways.

* Participation in each standards development organization on the basis of reciprocity.

* Commitment and contribution to regional and global standards bodies, while making efforts to address the needs of the markets and industries of the two countries.

* Encouragement of members of each organization to exhibit or participate in the information and communications technology-related events hosted or sponsored by the other association that are mutually complementary.

"Since TIA and TTA share many of the same member companies and a common goal to drive global standards needed by our industries, it has been our long-standing practice to work together to avoid duplication and create harmonized work where possible," says TIA President Matthew Flanigan. "We have cooperated with TTA in numerous areas including at the Global Standards Collaboration, the Third Generation Partnership Project 2 , in MESA where TTA is an observer, and during bilateral discussions. The renewed agreement has some changes that further streamline our cooperation methods to efficiently coordinate standards as well as cooperation in the trade shows areas."

The TIA is based in Arlington, VA. For more information visit www.tiaonline.org.

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