Berk-Tek, Ortronics launch new NetClear Web site

June 1, 2005 - Site has been redesigned to reflect the new look of the structured cabling systems.

Berk-Tek and Ortronics have announced the launch of the new NetClear Web site.

The site has been redesigned to reflect the new look and message for NetClear structured cabling systems, launched earlier this month at the BICSI Spring Conference.

The NetClear Web site features a new section devoted specifically to data centers and Storage Area Networks (SANs). The new data center/SAN section of the Web site provides background information on the current issues driving rapid growth of data centers and SANs as well as examples of recommended architectures and other details of the newly ratified TIA-942 standard, "Telecommunications Infrastructure for Data Centers."

"Until the recent ratification of the TIA 942 document, data center cabling infrastructure design was left up to the facility manager or perhaps the contractor," says Todd Harpel, director of marketing for Berk-Tek. "We felt it was important to bring our customers the very latest information on the new standard and techniques that will ensure their data center cabling system is as flexible and robust as possible."

The site also includes easy-to-understand tutorials, channel drawings, and specific product recommendations for the latest data center/SAN fiber, copper, and physical support structured cabling technologies. The site also provides guidance to information on complementary pathway technology.

"Ortronics and Berk-Tek's extensive expertise in enterprise structured cabling provides the foundation for a thorough knowledge and understanding of data center/SAN design," states John Struhar, director of fiber optic structured cabling system solutions for Ortronics/Legrand. "This better allows us to give our customers the tools they need to design their data center/SAN with the performance and reliability that is so critical in any data center/SAN application."

Berk-Tek and Ortronics are based in New Holland, PA and New London, CT To visit the site, go to

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