Ortronics/Legrand introduces new range of OptiMo products

June 22, 2005 - Optical fiber products are designed to offer improved cable management features.

Ortronics/Legrand has introduced a new range of OptiMo optical fiber products, including rack mount fiber cabinets, fiber adapter panels and cable management accessories.

The new line of OptiMo products is designed to offer improved cable management features and provide seamless integration with the Ortronics Mighty Mo 6 advanced copper and fiber cable management system.

Designed for LAN or Data Center/SAN applications, the OptiMo rack mount fiber cabinets are available in patch, splice or patch/splice versions, in 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U sizes. They are engineered to provide stability and control of backbone cables as they enter the rear of the fiber cabinet, and feature expanded rear access providing easy installation and maintenance. The new cabinets are significantly deeper than competing solutions, providing more space and enhanced features for managing optical fibers. In addition, the cabinets are designed around the 10.5" Mighty Mo 6 vertical channels resulting in improved cable management and ensuring physical support of today's larger active electronics. As a complement to the cable and internal fiber management, there are newly added features on the front of the fiber cabinets which are designed to enhance the management of optical fiber patch cords as they exit the fiber cabinets.

"As we designed this new line of OptiMo fiber optic products, we were careful to address the requirements that our customers have voiced to us," notes Mike Hines, vice president of fiber optic products for Ortronics/Legrand. "For instance, access to the rear of the fiber shelf is difficult with most commonly available fiber cabinet solutions. This can create difficulty particularly when using the splicing approach to fiber termination. Ortronics has solved this problem with a unique design that provides greater access, front and rear, and adds unique fiber management features to create a very user-friendly and stable installation."

The new line of OptiMo products also includes an enhanced range of adapter panels, available with SC and LC adapters for singlemode or multimode
applications. Alternate connector options are available upon request.

Ortronics/Legrand is based in New London, CT. For more information visit www.ortronics.com.

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