Tyco Electronics unveils Z-JPACK MAX connector

Dec. 15, 2005 - Connector is designed to allow for higher signal speed and density in backplane applications.

Tyco Electronics has unveiled the Z-JPACK MAX connector, designed to allow for higher signal speed and density in backplane applications.

The connector is now part of Tyco Electronics' portfolio of high-speed backplane connectors, which includes the Z-PACK HS3, Z-PACK HM-Zd and MULTIGIG RT product lines. The Z-PACK MAX connector is designed to be a cost-effective interconnect for backplane applications where high speed, high density and high performance are needed.

"In listening to our customers we heard the need for a cost-effective high-speed product and quickly focused significant resources in responding to that need. The result of that effort is the Z-PACK MAX product line," states Bob Hnatuck, high-speed backplane connector product manager at Tyco Electronics. "One of our goals is to offer a portfolio of products which provides our customers with options and gives them the flexibility to meet their requirements."

Hnatuck says the Z-PACK MAX backplane connector system performs at speeds up to 10-Gbits/sec and beyond for applications including servers, storage devices, switches, routers and similar high-speed signal applications.

To achieve the 10-plus Gbits/sec speed, ground contacts are positioned within each connector column and are combined with unique lead frame arrangements within the connector which allow the Z-PACK MAX connector to achieve low crosstalk and high throughput performance. The connector employs a shield-less design combined with standard manufacturing processes resulting in a cost-effective solution. Dual point contact mating and compliant pin board mounting help ensure high reliability. Z-PACK MAX connectors also meet Telcordia requirements and are RoHS compliant.

In addition to a five-pair version (with 26 pairs per 10mm, or 66 differential pairs per inch), a four-pair version (with 21 pairs per 10mm, or 53 differential pairs per inch) is also available. These configurations accommodate 25.40mm (five pair) and 20.32mm (four pair) card slot spacing. Planned product extensions include a three-pair version for narrow card pitch applications, right angle pin headers for coplanar applications, vertical receptacles for mezzanine applications and high-speed cable assemblies.

Tyco Electronics is based in Harrisburg, PA. For more information visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

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