Mohawk announces expanded Open Architecture program

Oct. 19, 2005 - ChannelMate, an extended warranty program, guarantees all cable products and installation from 15 years up to the system's lifetime.

Mohawk has announced ChannelMate, its expanded Open Architecture warranty program.

This extended warranty guarantees all cable products and installation from 15 years up to the system's lifetime using any TIA/EIA-568-B independently third-party verified connectivity components, when installed by Mohawk Accredited Contractors (MAC) certified through Mohawk's SystemMATE training program.
Through the Open Architecture program, customers can create their own customized networking system.

"Unlike the typical structured cabling warranties, which are provided by the connectivity manufacturers and limited to their cabling partner, Mohawk opens the doors for customers to mix and match Mohawk's cable with any connectivity manufacturer, as long as the components meet the corresponding industry standards and contractors are certified through our SystemMATE program," says Greg Niemiera, manager of technical sales and marketing for Mohawk.

The warranty period is dependent on the specified cable. For horizontal cable, this ranges from the 5e LAN for 15 years, to MegaLAN (Category 5e) and 6 LAN (Category 6) for 20 years, to AdvanceNet (Category 6) and fiber for 25 years, up to a lifetime for the GigaLAN (enhanced Category 6) and the GigaLAN 10 (Augmented Category 6 10 Gbits/sec).

These warranties include both unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) and screened twisted-pair (ScTP) designs. All copper backbone products are warranted to 15 years. Test data provides additional guarantee that the cabling system will support the latest applications.

"Mohawk's commitment to excellence for the customer is proven through our product reliability, resulting in these extensive warranty programs," says Niemiera. "As a result, we feel that technology will outdate their system before they have to replace any cable or connectivity."

Mohawk, based in Leominster, M.A., manufactures optical fiber and copper cable products. For more information visit

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