APC establishes acceptance-testing lab

Oct. 12, 2005
Oct. 12, 2005 - Located at the company's Rhode Island headquarters, the lab supports large-scale data centers and complements APC's thermal test lab.

American Power Conversion has announced it recently established a North American factory acceptance testing lab at its company headquarters in West Kingston, R.I.

The company made the announcement at the Data Center World Conference in Chicago, IL.

The lab provides APC customers and others involved in the design, build and specification process such as consulting engineers and contractors with factory acceptance testing for large power systems and multiple UPSs in parallel.

The facility's capabilities, which support large-scale data centers, is designed to complement APC's thermal test lab in Kolding, Denmark. APC's thermal test lab researches advancements for solving cooling issues associated with high-density applications in today's IT environments. Like the thermal test lab, the factory acceptance lab uses state-of-the-art equipment including:

* 3.3MVA electrical service input,
* 2MV generator capability,
* 1MVA variable transformer,
* 3.2MVA resistive/reactive load bank,
* Dedicated test bay switch gear.

"Our factory acceptance testing lab demonstrates our commitment to supporting integrated solutions in a range of IT environments from server rooms to large-scale data centers," says Dwight Sperry, APC's vice president of Enterprise Systems and Business Networks. "The lab's performance testing capability also provides an ideal venue to see demonstrations of our innovative, modular Symmetra MW system, which is the largest available static UPS and ideal for systems greater than 200 racks."

Specific testing performed at the new lab includes system efficiency testing, steady-state load and step load tests, input frequency and input voltage variation, utility failure, battery performance and faults on system inputs and outputs.

All of the lab's testing and measurement equipment conforms to National Institute of Standards Technology. The lab also includes oscilloscopes, three-phase power monitors (input and output), multi-channel chart recorders and power quality disturbance analyzers.

APC is based in West Kingston, R.I. For more information visit www.apcc.com.

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