Belden CDT expands DataTuff industrial Ethernet cable line

Oct. 31, 2005
Oct. 31, 2005 - Two new Category 5e cables have been added to the product line.

Belden CDT Electronics Division has announced that it has expanded its line of DataTuff Category 5e and Category 6 industrial Ethernet cables.

Two new Category 5e cables have been added to Belden's selection of industrial Ethernet cables, which includes DataTuff Cat 5e and Cat 6 twisted-pair copper cables and TrayOptic optical fiber cables.

Both of the new DataTuff copper cables feature Belden's patented bonded-pair technology which is designed to assure superior electrical performance before and after installation. Belden calls this after-installation performance capability Installable Performance.

Belden's new Bonded-Pair DataTuff cables include:

* Belden 7932A - Two-pair, 24 AWG, unshielded, Category 5e bonded-pair cable is CMR FT4 rated, features solid bare copper conductors, polyolefin insulation, industrial grade sunlight- and oil-resistant PVC jacket (black or teal), and is EtherNet/IP compliant.

* Belden 7934A - Four-pair, 24 AWG, unshielded, enhanced Category 5e bonded-pair cable features solid bare copper conductors, polyolefin insulation, sunlight- and oil-resistant black polyethylene jacket, and is EtherNet/IP compliant. The cable is waterblocked for burial applications.

All of Belden's industrial Ethernet cables are designed and engineered to provide superior performance and reliability. They are ruggedly constructed to withstand harsh industrial and environmental conditions, including sunlight, temperature variations, oil and gasoline, crushing and abrasion. The cables are designed to ensure optimum network performance and uptime and avoid transmission errors that can lead to unsafe conditions or interruption of critical industrial control functions.

Belden CDT is based in Richmond, IN. For more information visit

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