Capitol Infrastructure to deploy FONS' Pathways fiber-to-the-home solutions

July 13, 2005
July 13, 2005 - Deployment will take place in North Carolina and Florida.

Fiber Optic Network Solutions Corp. announced today that Capitol Infrastructure, working in conjunction with new home developers, property management companies, and service providers in the Southeast region, is deploying FONS' Pathways fiber-to-the-home solutions in North Carolina and Florida with expansions planned in several other states later this year.

Capitol Infrastructure is deploying FONS' solutions to enable the delivery of high-speed voice, video and data services to new single-family and multi-family homes in the Southeast. Headquartered in North Carolina, Capitol Infrastructure is working with developers of new communities to build all-fiber network infrastructures designed to deliver services to community residents and is scheduled to deploy service capabilities to 50,000 homes.

FONS is providing a full range of optical fiber connectivity hardware and optical components allowing Capitol Infrastructure to accelerate construction and deployment of these community optical fiber networks bringing new and improved services to their customer, the home developer and ultimately to the homeowner.

The home developer market is one of the fastest growing market segments to embrace fiber deployment for building and expanding access networks. FONS argues that through fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks, home developers are able to provide that additional service "edge" to differentiate their communities from others and to present a long-term value proposition to their homeowners. Pathways is designed to provide Capitol Infrastructure with an innovative solution for installing and connecting FTTH networks fast, economically and with the greatest reliability.

"We are very excited to partner with FONS to be able to install the most sophisticated voice, video and Internet technologies to residential communities," says Glen Lang, principal of Capitol Infrastructure. "We chose FONS' Pathways solution because it allows us to install a very high performance, flexible and economical network that effectively reduces both our installation and operating costs.

"FONS' easy to install solutions allow us to significantly reduce our deployment time so we can speed delivery of true broadband services to our customers, ensuring their communities have access to the very best voice, video and data services available today," he continues.

FONS is supplying Capitol Infrastructure with a wide range of its Pathways solutions including Outdoor Fiber Distribution Hubs (Outdoor FDH), fiber drop terminals, RC adapters, RC fiber drop cables, controlled environment vault fiber distribution hubs (CEV FDH) and WDM and optical splitter cassettes. FONS' Outdoor FDH will be used in Capitol Infrastructure's network to facilitate service connection and provide a primary convergence point for locating optical splitters in the outside plant.

The RC fiber drop terminals, each equipped with FONS' environmentally hardened RC adapters designed to reduce time and expense of connecting a residence, will be used in the network to interface between distribution and drop cables. The flexible design of these terminals allow for diverse installation options including underground, pedestal, pole and strand mounting. The RC fiber drop cables, environmentally sealed and factory-terminated, utilize FONS' RC rugged optical connectors to provide high performance interface for drop cables in the outside plant environment. These assemblies are designed to reduce the time and expense of drop cable deployment for Capitol Infrastructure, while providing superior durability and reliability in the resident connection segment of the network.

FONS' CEV FDH, a recent addition to its Pathways solutions, configured for full fiber distribution hub functionality similar to the outdoor FDH, will be used in remote terminal frame applications where frames are mounted indoors. Within the Central Office segment of the network, FONS' plug and play modular optical component cassettes, used in FTTH applications where quadruple-play service capabilities are required, allow optical components such as WDMs and splitters to be quickly integrated into Capitol Infrastructure's network.

"It is clear that Capitol Infrastructure is committed to deploying infrastructures that accommodate the rapidly changing advancements in the communication industry," says FONS President Michael Noonan. "Their industry leading approach for deploying FTTH networks essentially future proofs the homeowner's decision to invest in one of the communities they serve.

"Homeowners that are connected via fiber optic infrastructure are virtually unlimited in their ability to take advantage of even the most bandwidth-rich content available today and tomorrow," Noonan continues. "FONS is proud to have been selected by Capitol Infrastructure to help enable their innovative and creative community deployments."

FONS, a manufacturer of passive connectivity solutions for the FTTH market, is based in Marlborough, MA. For more information visit

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