Dakota Central Telecommunications installs ADC's OmniReach FTTX solutions

July 12, 2005
July 12, 2005 - Deployment is designed to manage Dakota Central's fiber network.

ADC has announced that Dakota Central Telecommunications of North Dakota has installed ADC's OmniReach FTTX solutions.

The deployment is designed to cost-effectively and efficiently manage Dakota Central's state-of-the-art fiber network.

ADC OmniReach FTTX Solutions have enabled Dakota Central Telecommunications, which serves the Carrington and Jamestown areas, to provide telephone, television and high-speed Internet services to all of the area's more than 17,000 residents. The telecommunications company is laying optical fiber cable, neighborhood by neighborhood, and is expected to have the cable installed to every home and business by fall.

This FTTX project will give all Carrington and Jamestown residents access to more than 100 channels of DVD-quality digital television and 45 digital music channels. In addition to high-speed Internet, these customers will also have new Internet options over fiber with an always-on 64k connection to replace their dial-up service.

"Our FTTX deployment of ADC fiber distribution frames and fiber access terminals has resulted in a tremendously efficient way for us to manage our fiber optic cable infrastructure," says Paul Berg, chief plant officer at Dakota Central Telecommunications. "ADC's fiber distribution frames and fiber access terminals take into account the central office and outside plant environments, providing us with superior performance, a non-obtrusive design and a robust construction. ADC OmniReach is exactly the kind of FTTX solution we needed to meet our demanding fiber network requirements."

ADC Fiber Distribution Frames provide a centralized point for termination, splice, and storage of optical fiber cable, reducing operational expenses, service outages, and optical congestion. ADC OmniReach Fiber Access Terminals are designed to provide a robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective platform for delivering optical fiber service drops in FTTX deployments. For both single-family homes, as well as multiple dwelling units, OmniReach access terminals are designed to provide physical protection, long-life reliability, superior fiber management and an aesthetically appealing appearance.

"Our OmniReach FTTX solutions are well-suited for Dakota Central's fiber network needs today and into the foreseeable future," says Tom Kampf, director of product management for FTTX Solutions for ADC. "Cable management is a critical element of building robust and reliable FTTX networks. Customers like Dakota Central are able to grow from one fiber to thousands of fibers without sacrificing space, function, or cable management, and all within one family of ADC OmniReach products."

ADC is based in Minneapolis, MN. For more information visit www.adc.com.

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