Panduit introduces NETRUNNER Molded Vertical Cable Manager

July 25, 2005 - Device is designed to deliver a cost-effective solution to manage, protect and organize cables.

Panduit has introduced the NETRUNNER Molded Vertical Cable Manager which is designed to deliver a cost- effective solution to manage, protect and organize cables.

This product mounts directly to the vertical channel on EIA standard racks in telecommunication rooms and data centers. Cable management fingers at each rack unit provide bend radius control for the cables as they transition to the vertical pathway. Integral cable retainers on the end of each finger contain cables within each rack unit simplifying system installation and maintenance. The large opening between fingers accommodates larger diameter cables (Category 6 and 10-Gbit) and is designed to provide for easier cable routing.

Dual hinged covers open 110ø in either direction to provide complete access to the vertical pathway without having to remove the cover. Snap-on cable retainers, provided with the manager, can be placed on the fingers to help control cables in the vertical channel during system installation and maintenance.

These features are designed to work together to ensure system performance and reliability while providing a finished, professional appearance. When used with Panduit patch panels, patch cords, horizontal cable managers and racks, the user receives a complete end-to-end solution that satisfies functional requirements and showcases network cabling.

Panduit is based in Tinley Park, IL. For more information visit

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