Aktino announces AK3000 product family

April 28, 2005
April 28, 2005 - Products are for long-reach DS3 over copper.

Aktino has announced its AK3000 product family for long-reach DS3 (45 Mbps) over copper.

Aktino also announced that it has been shipping the AK3000 to select customers since October 2004, and the platform is now deployed and generating revenue with multiple service providers throughout North America.

Based on the most widely deployed standard DSL technology, Discrete Multi Tone (DMT), and products that utilize Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) techniques in the wireline domain, Aktino's new AK3000 product family allows service providers to deliver business-class broadband services over embedded copper loops. By applying MIMO techniques developed and implemented on wireless networks over the last decade, Aktino's technology solves the crosstalk problem in copper binders. This enables its platforms to transport more bandwidth to longer distances on fewer pairs than any other available technology.

The AK3000 platforms transport business-class services using only one-third to one-half as many copper loops as other bonded solutions, such as G.SHDSL and HDSLx. Aktino has also developed the industry's first multi-pair transceiver which allows the AK3000 platform to dynamically load balance traffic across all the loops being used. Additionally, the AK3000 platform is T1.417 compliant and does not interfere with existing services such as ADSL and HDSL in the same binder group even at long distances and high bandwidth levels. The platform is environmentally hardened for any deployment scenario, and can be line powered on the same pairs that transport the voice/video/data traffic.

In a recent deployment, one independent operating company was able to quickly turn up a clear-channel DS3 service to its customer more than 15,000 feet away from the central office (CO) over the existing copper loops. Utilizing just 14 copper pairs, the Aktino solution created a robust transport link able to carry all communications traffic between the customer site and the CO, with reliability comparable to that provided by fiber.

"With copper loops serving the vast majority of business customers, cellular sites, and remote cabinets, getting the most of out of existing copper for broadband is a priority for most service providers today," says Bruce Kimble, president and chief executive officer of Aktino. "Aktino's breakthrough AK3000 platforms truly enable service providers to cost-effectively and efficiently deliver full and fractional DS3 services to customers and cell sites/remote cabinets throughout their footprint."

Aktino is based in Irvine, CA. For more information visit www.aktino.com.

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