TIA publishes transceiver measurements methods standard

April 14, 2005 - Document defines methods of measurement for transmission and reception of voice or data using digital techniques.

The Telecommunications Industry Association has published a new standard, Digital C4FM/CQPSK Transceiver Measurements Methods, TIA-102.CAAA-B.

The document is a revision of TIA/EIA-102.CAAA.

This standard provides definition, methods of measurement and performance standards for radio equipment used in the private (dispatch) land mobile services that employ C4FM or CQPSK modulation, for transmission and reception of voice or data using digital techniques, with or without encryption, with a frequency of 1 GHz or less. The definition and description of the system in which this equipment operates is given in the Project 25 System and Standard Family document (TIA-102-A). The TIA common air interface standard (TIA-102.BAAA-A) defines the requirements of both the physical layer and the data link layer in the open systems interconnection (OSI) reference model for the radio interface in which this equipment operates.

Use of this standard is encouraged for any application of similar equipment with C4FM or CQPSK modulation and may be applicable to equipment other than that listed above. However, this standard is not intended to cover transceiver equipment employing any or all modulation types or access methods.

TIA-102.CAAA-B was created by TIA TR-8.1 Subcommittee on Equipment and Measurement Procedures and released in October 2004.

The TIA is based in Arlington, VA. For more information visit www.tiaonline.org.

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