Dupont enters the abandoned cable services market

May 16, 2005
May 16, 2005 - Suite of services will identify cable, remove and recycle it.

Dupont has entered the abandoned cable services market.

The company has announced DuPont Abandoned Cable Services, a suit of services that will identify abandoned cable, remove and recycle it.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 60 billion feet of communications cabling has been installed in the United States. Patrick Lindner, global business manager, communications cabling solutions for Dupont, says a significant percentage of that cabling has been abandoned in buildings and represents a large potential fire hazard.

DuPont Abandoned Cable Services will provide assessment services for identification and reporting of abandoned cable hazards in office buildings; planning for infrastructure improvement and management; connections with local labor and removal and recycling logistics. The company will use professional auditors and local DuPont preferred network contractors for the work. It recently completed pilot programs in Washington DC and Connecticut to make sure that all of the logistics were in place. "The contractors see this as a value-add to their business," says Lindner.

"We will go to the building owner and provide an assessment," Lindner continues. "We will give them an existing conditions report and give them an idea of what they have in the building and what it would take to bring them up to code."

Lindner says the packaged offering is available to building owners, property managers, tenants and corporate network engineers responsible for ensuring that their facilities meet the National Fire Protection Association's National Electric Code requirement to remove abandoned cabling from buildings. The requirement is based on concern over the uncontrolled build-up of combustible cables in buildings. Lindner says that, as cable is removed, DuPont Abandoned Cable Services also offers a complete recycle program for end-of-life cables.

The DuPont preferred contractor network, comprised of referrals to experienced contractors trained on responsible removal practices and efficient 'Removal for recycling' techniques, is available in all North American major metropolitan areas, including the Washington DC/Baltimore area, New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago. End-of-life and abandoned cables are recycled from the client's site into reusable streams of copper and separated plastics.

Dupont is based in Wilmington, DE. For more information visit

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