Siemon Company celebrates installation of 10-Gbit-ready copper ports

May 19, 2005
May 19, 2005 - Company says more than a million were installed since 2003.

The Siemon Company is celebrating the installation of more than a million 10-Gbit-ready copper ports, including more than 500,000 UTP ports and more than 500,000 combined screened and fully-shielded ports.

The Siemon Company launched 10G ip, its structured cabling system, in January, 2003. The system was guaranteed to support operation of the pending IEEE 802.3an 10GBase-T application.

Siemon Company representatives says its installation milestone underscores the growing market trend towards 10-Gbit-capable solutions. In fact, the IEEE 802.3an standard outlining 10-Gbit transmission over copper cabling is on track to publish in July. Company representatives say they anticipate that the commercial availability of 10GBase-T equipment will reach the current affordability and availability of 1000Base-T by January 2008 at about one third the current cost of a 10-Gbit fiber port.

The Siemon Company says the trend towards planning for 10GBase-T in the horizontal cabling infrastructure is being driven by initiatives requiring the handling of extremely large files at the desktop. With application sizes doubling every 18 months according to Gate's Law and the associated file sizes growing at nearly the same rate as dictated by Parkinson's Law, end-users are often finding data transfer times unacceptably slow on networks running at less than 1 Gbits/sec.

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