Underwriters Laboratories confirms accuracy of Fluke's DTX Series

Feb. 1, 2005
Feb. 1, 2005 - Series was awarded the UL Classification in accordance with the IEC- 61935-1 specifications for Accuracy Level IV.

Fluke Networks today announced the accuracy specifications for its DTX Series have been confirmed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

"It is important to note that Fluke Networks' DTX CableAnalyzer is the first and only cable tester to receive UL confirmation for compliance with the latest standards," says Hugo Draye, marketing manager, certification, for Fluke Networks.

"This UL confirmation delivers assurance to the network owners that their installed cabling links meet or exceed the requirements spelled out in the latest industry standards," Draye continues. "To the installation contractor, tester accuracy, as validated for the DTX by UL, saves time and money, because the specification levels for high-performance cabling installation allow fewer margins for error. Certifying with the DTX means no false pass results and no false fail results."

Fluke Networks' DTX Series was awarded the UL Classification in accordance with the IEC- 61935-1 specifications for Accuracy Level IV and in accordance with the specifications proposed in TIA-TSB-155 for Accuracy Level IIIe. Accuracy Level IIIe will be required to test Category 6 cabling for 10-Gbit Ethernet deployments. For baseline and permanent link specifications, a level IV tester must exhibit a worst-case value for residual NEXT at 100 MHz that is 18 times smaller than the value allowed to
meet Accuracy Level III.

The DTX Series CableAnalyzer passed all requirements for the baseline tester, as well as for the permanent link and channel measurement configurations. UL's testing process includes the random selection of sample cable testers for evaluation from the finished
goods inventory at Fluke Networks. This ensures that no tester was specially modified prior to testing.

Fluke Networks is based in Everett, WA. For more information visit www.flukenetworks.com.

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