Radiant Communications announces 20-year anniversary

Feb. 2, 2005
Feb. 2, 2005 - Optical fiber component manufacturer was founded in 1985.

Radiant Communications announced the company's 20-year anniversary celebration began on Jan. 28, the date the optical fiber component manufacturer was founded by Gene and Mike Thaw in 1985.

Radiant's employees gathered at the South Plainfield corporate office to kick off the celebration which will be dedicated to Mike Thaw, Radiant's president, who recently died.

"Radiant's continued success is a reflection of the talent and dedication of our engineering, sales and support team," says co-founder Gene Thaw. "Our twentieth anniversary provides an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and applaud the efforts of the people who have made it possible."

With 55 employees in multiple locations across the United States, Radiant produces a large portfolio of optical fiber products including transceivers; MPEG 2 and 4 encoders and decoders; remote monitoring systems; short and medium haul, SDI, HDTV, multiplexed and telephony systems. It also produces optical fiber broadband and L-Band systems; Ethernet (IP) Systems from 256K to 10 gigabit; WDMs, CWDMs and DWDMs; and passive optical fiber products including assemblies, patch and splice cabinets, connectors, mating sleeves, attenuators, couplers and splitters.

Radiant's products, which are designed to cost effectively maximize network performance and enable the deployment of advanced services, are used by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Adelphia, Cablevision, Charter Communications, Cox Communications and Insight Communications. In addition, Radiant's Ethernet and audio/video transport links support the operations of the New York Stock Exchange, IBM, U.S. Naval Intelligence, Mexico City Department of Traffic Control and the Olympic Games Corp.

Radiant is based in South Plainfield, NJ. For more information visit www.rccfiber.com.

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