Draka Comteq announces price increase for optical fiber

Feb. 16, 2005 - Company notes cumulative costs of materials, transportation and energy used to make the cables.

Draka Comteq, a joint venture of Draka and Alcatel, today announced a price increase for its optical fiber cabling products in North America.

Reggie Kelly, COO of Draka Comteq Americas, says the increase comes after the cumulative costs of materials, transportation and energy used to produce these cables increased substantially during the past several months.

"While we continue to actively engage in cost management through process improvements and targeted cost saving projects, many costs continue to rise," states Kelly. "Polymer and steel raw material costs, for example, have experienced double-digit inflation rates over the past twelve months."

Kelly says the new pricing structure will be implemented for affected products during the first quarter of this year.

Draka Comteq, a jointly owned company of Draka and Alcatel, provides communications cabling solutions to telecommunications carriers, installers and enterprises for delivery of broadband services to their customers or employees.

Draka Comteq is based in Charlotte, NC. For more information visit www.drakacomteq.us.

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