XG UTP system rounds out the AMP Netconnect 10-Gig product suite

Feb. 3, 2005 - Tyco Electronics' UTP 10-Gig cabling solution is added to its STP, multimode fiber, and singlemode fiber 10-Gig systems.

Tyco Electronics has announced the AMP Netconnect XG UTP Copper Cabling System Solution for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. The unshielded twisted-pair system delivers the performance needed to support 10GBase-T and enables 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission over a full 100-meter channel, representing the application of several technological advances in cable and connectivity design.

"These advances don't come easily or inexpensively," noted Jim Crompton, global product manager for Tyco Electronics. "Fortunately, the combined global resources of Tyco Electronics were able to team together, build on a vast experience in materials, electronics, and copper-cabling systems, and then develop a global solution suitable for the IEEE 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications to the full 100 meters."

"This product set represents a real technological breakthrough," says George Sharp, copper cable product manager with Tyco Electronics. "Existing UTP cables are adversely affected by crosstalk. Thanks to a coordinated effort inside Tyco Electronics, we were able to develop a solution that provided the necessary performance to overcome the crosstalk limitations through a combination of new materials, new manufacturing technology, and advanced test and measurement methods."

Brian Davis, copper connectivity product manager for Tyco Electronics, adds, "The advances in cable technology dovetail with the advances in our copper connectivity, so a complete end-to-end Augmented Category 6 solution with cables, connectors, patch cords, and patch panels could come to market simultaneously. The intrinsic interactions between cable and the connectivity required a mutual optimization development to ensure the complete, installed channel provides the necessary performance."

The XG UTP copper cabling system completes Tyco Electronics' entire AMP Netconnect XG Cabling System Solutions portfolio for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, which already includes singlemode fiber, multimode fiber to 300 meters (XG Fiber Cabling System), STP copper cabling to 100 meters (XG Copper Cabling System), and now UTP copper cabling to 100 meters (XG UTP Copper Cabling system).

"Today's network designs demand media that can support the full 100-meter distance for horizontal channels," says Bog Zahr, RCDD/LAN Specialist and systems engineering manager with Tyco Electronics. "Those looking for 10 Gigabit capacity over a copper system now have two choices to do just that."

"We challenged the development team to come up with a global solution and they delivered," says Allan Nielsen, AMP Netconnect products manager for Tyco Electronics in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. "Our global company now offers a complete portfolio of global 10 Gigabit solutions."

The AMP NetconnectXG UTP Copper System has been tested to 625 MHz in worst-case scenario installations and has demonstrated a Shannon Capacity of greater than 19 Gbits/sec, nearly twice the capacity of existing Category 6 UTP.

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