Beer o' clock meets airblown fiber cabling

May 4, 2015

#BeerOClock meets air blown fiber #GeneralCable#BICSI#CIMBICSI15

— Cabling Tweets (@CablingTweets) February 24, 2015
Learn more about General Cable's blown fiber systems and Blown Optical Fiber (BOF) product line.
Ed. Note - Forgive us this little Spring Fever blog post (not to mention shameless plug of one our brand's Twitter feeds); figured the first glorious day of 80-degree Farenheit weather here in greater New England merited one last fond look back to last February's BICSI show in Orlando...because last Febrary around here was a world-beater. (Also, any time you can get 'The Most Interesting Man in the World' into your article's thumbnail image, you take the shot!) -- MV

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