Handheld tester incorporates Long Reach Ethernet technology

Jan. 24, 2002
January 21, 2002--The Cisco-developed technology, a precursor to a forthcoming standard, has unique testing requirements.

Fluke Networks (www.flukenetworks.com) has announced that the OMNIScanner 2 is the first product to meet the testing requirements of Cisco Systems' Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) technology. Version 6.0 of OMNIScanner 2 can establish communications of over 5,000 feet and offered an extended dynamic range for attenuation-both required parameters to test LRE.

LRE allows scalable deployment of high-speed Ethernet services on existing voice-grade copper wire, thereby enabling users to quickly deploy high-speed data services. For example, using LRE technology, tenants of hotels, apartments, and office buildings with older telephone cabling can receive higher-bandwidth Internet connections than they could without the LRE technology.

"The OMNIScanner series is the first product to meet the testing needs for LRE," said Chris Odell, president of Fluke Networks. Users can test for LRE with a one-button autotest.

OMNIScanner Version 6.0 and Scanlink Version 8.0 add a new list of features, including the LRE test capability and automated documentation for both coaxial and twisted-pair wiring.

"New standards and new ways to comply and report on those standards were leading considerations when looking at future OMNIScanner development," Odell said. The newest release complies with the TIA-606A standard's guidelines for labeling.

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