Fiber Optics LAN Section to hold Webcast

Nov. 13, 2002
Nov. 13, 2002 - Event will focus on where it makes sense to install optical fiber today.

The Fiber Optics LAN Section of the TIA and Pearson Technologies will hold a Web conference in December. The conference will discuss where it makes sense to install optical fiber today.

The free, live 90-minute event will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 17 at 2 p.m. EST.

The Fiber Optics LAN Section (FOLS) argues that multimode optical fiber has traditionally been considered a higher-priced cabling alternative, but is now at cost parity or even less expensive than UTP copper.

During the Webcast, participants will review a series of interactive cost models developed by the FOLS and Pearson Technologies that compare the cost of a horizontal UTP/vertical fiber network to the cost of an all-fiber network, where fiber is run to the desktop.

The conference will review the differences between hierarchical star and centralized cabling options and cover some of the technologies that can be used to save money in an optical fiber-based LAN. These include small form factor connectors and media converters along with the new 100BASE-SX Short Wavelength Fast Ethernet standard, TIA/EIA 785.

During the discussion, participants will have the chance to ask FOLS members questions about the use of fiber in LANs.

FOLS is a consortium of companies dedicated to increasing the use of optical fiber technology in customer-owned networks. It is composed of optical fiber cable, component and electronics manufacturers. For more information visit

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