Northern California IBEW/NECA launches Web site devoted to VDV

Nov. 26, 2002
Nov. 26, 2002--The Labor Management Cooperation Committee, which sponsors the site, says the market segment grew 1,264% in Northern California over the past eight years.

The Labor Management Cooperation Committee (LMCC) of Northern California and Northern Nevada, which serves union electrical contractors and voice/data/video installers in Northern California and Northern Nevada, is sponsoring a Web site devoted exclusively to the Northern California VDV. The site,, provides information about the VDV industry, featuring sections for customers, union members, union contractors, and those interested in pursuing careers as installers or technicians.

The site also includes a searchable directory of contractors, information about union training and benefits, access to union agreements and other documents, a link to the current Manual of Labor Units, access to employment-benefits information, an overview of union training within the VDV sector, and a glossary of electrical industry definitions.

"The VDV industry is the electrical industry's name for high-tech services that include voice/data cabling, fiber optics, networks including LANs and WANs, AV systems, sound systems, security systems, CATV, nurse-call, and fire/life-safety systems," the LMCC said in a statement announcing the site.

"The VDV industry has enjoyed explosive growth in Silicon Valley and Northern California during the past decade," the statement continued. "VDV is one of the most rapidly growing areas of the economy, and is expected to reach revenues of $30 billion this year.

"Northern California VDV grew by an astonishing 1,264% in the last eight years, leading growth in the U.S. The Northern California VDV market grew from $16.5 million in 1994 to over $225 million."

The Northern California LMCC includes representatives from both labor (IBEW) and management (NECA). Through the LMCC, IBEW and NECA work together to promote the interests of the electrical industry.

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