Fluke Networks announces award program

Sept. 3, 2002
September 3, 2002 - Vista Sweepstakes will target handheld cable testers.

Fluke Networks, Inc. has announced a new worldwide sales campaign targeting new and existing users of handheld cable and network testers.

The Vista Sweepstakes promises contestants a chance to win a trip, with three grand prize trips to the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Rio de Janeiro and Japan's Mt. Fuji.

Products included in this promotion include the DSP-4300 and OMNIScanner2 Cable Analyzers, OneTouch Network Assistant, NetTool Inline Tester and LinkRunner Network Multimeter.

"Fluke Networks pioneered the handheld cable and network test tool category nearly a decade ago, yet we continue to talk with networking professionals every day whose only means of troubleshooting is swapping cables and parts or pulling plugs in the wiring closets to determine the source of a performance problem," says Bill Dunn, vice president of marketing at Fluke Networks. "We've designed the Vista program to reach out to the approvers and managers of those network installers and maintainers who work with little in the way of tools to assist in everyday troubleshooting. We're convinced that once they see the increased productivity and enhanced network performance that our handheld cable and network testers yield, the chance to win a vacation will seem like a secondary reward."

Fluke Networks is also sponsoring a Vista Sweepstakes for its distributors. If a distributor's customer enters their name when registering and wins a trip, the distributor will win a home theater system. Six portable DVD player winners will be drawn each month for the distributor that has customers entering their name most frequently when registering. Distributors are also guaranteed to win a 35mm camera for signing up for the program and taking a Web virtual product tour.

"We've built this market through indirect channels and so it's important to recognize the value of our sales partners in this continuing effort to grow our business," says Dunn. "It's rewarding for us to extend our latest promotion to our growing list of distributors around the world."

The program runs through Jan. 31, 2003.

Fluke Networks Inc. is based in Everett, Wash. For more information visit

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