Anixter will distribute ConnectPoint 100

Dec. 30, 2002
Dec. 30, 2002 - Crinis device provides quickly deployable fast Ethernet connections.

Crinis Networks has signed an agreement with Anixter Inc. to distribute Crinis' ConnectPoint 100, a "laser-wire" designed to provide quickly deployable, reusable fast Ethernet connections.

ConnectPoint 100 is the first of a planned suite of products from Crinis that will exploit what the company has described as the indoor Free Space Optics (iFSO) market. iFSO products use low-power, infrared laser beams to generate a secure high-speed, point-to-point local area network (LAN) connection that provides cableless, fiberless fast Ethernet connections for building interiors.

"Crinis Networks is offering a unique solution to help enterprise IT departments meet the challenge of network connectivity," says Frank Coletto, senior vice president of marketing for Anixter. "We believe their product is a good, reliable solution for many applications where cable becomes prohibitive to deploy and reconfigure."

Anixter Inc. (, based in Skokie, Il., is a provider of wire, cable, connectors and logistics services and solutions for enterprise networks.

"ConnectPoint 100 is the first and only indoor Free Space Optical networking product that extends common Ethernet and Fast Ethernet connectivity between networked devices using an auto aligning transceiver pair," says Bill Scott, CEO of Crinis Networks. "This makes it ideal for use where cabling is nonexistent, or installation costs become a factor."

Scott says the ConnectPoint 100 is priced at a fraction of traditional FSO equipment, and it specifically addresses the indoor enterprise premise market.

"Anixter has traditionally been associated with wiring solutions," Coletto says. "But the Crinis offering gives our customers a way to extend their networks into areas that would be difficult to access with traditional cabling techniques."

Crinis Networks is based in Richardson, Texas. For more information visit

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