Technology Management, Formare Technica in strategic partnership

Oct. 3, 2002
October 3, 2002--The parties say the partnership will ensure end-to-end communications-system designs for new-building construction.

Technology Management Inc. ( and Formare Technica Ltd. () have entered a strategic operational partnership.

TMI provides specialized design, construction, and project-management services. Its president, Dan McGrath, explains the rationale behind the operational partnership with Formare Technica. "The common thread our clients share is the need for reliable critical facilities in support of their operations. TMI provides the expertise and experience required to provide just that-from a facilities and operational perspective. Our strategic partnership agreement with Formare Technica brings us the ability to effectively integrate the entire communication system into our design and construction package, thus giving the new TMI and Formare Technica combined service offering an unequaled value in the construction industry that we compete in."

"Our relationship with TMI expands the capabilities of both organizations to truly provide an end-to-end integrated communications design for new building construction that includes voice, data, and video systems with the added competency of business continuity and disaster-recover applications," says John Curalli, executive vice president of Formare Technica.

"Under the Division 17/25 set of specifications, TMI and Formare Technica will be able to facilitate a revolutionary design and construction process that will save building owners considerable time and money, while insuring the mission-critical systems necessary for today are designed and installed as a complete system."

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