Spediant Systems makes its debut

Oct. 16, 2002
Oct. 16, 2002 - Company is developing Multi-Loop DSL.

Spediant Systems introduced itself today at the Next Generation Networks conference in Boston.

The company is developing a Multi-Loop DSL (MLDSL) solution that will allow telecom carriers to deliver greater bandwidth and new services to business
customers, previously provided only by fiber.

Spediant, a subsidiary of Orckit Communications, is leveraging Orckit's position as an industry leader in DSL-based systems and technologies. Utilizing existing copper infrastructure, Spediant's solution is designed to enable service providers to deploy broadband services to small and medium-size business customers at lower cost and without delays than deploying fiber.

For example, MLDSL can enable a business to extend its Ethernet network with a full speed of 10 megabits per second (Mbps) as it is transmitted across the public network. It can double the service area reach of the carrier.

Spediant expects to bring its MLDSL solution to market in early 2003, when it will be available for trial installations with telecom carriers' labs.

"Established and competitive carriers once had big plans to install fiber almost everywhere, but economic conditions now force them to make the best use of the current copper infrastructure," says Haim Volinsky, Spediant's vice president of marketing and sales. "MLDSL enable fiber-speed services over the existing copper plant with a minimal capital expenditure and a speedy return on investment."

Spediant Systems, based in Red Bank, N.J., develops access solutions that enable telecom carriers to deploy fiber-speed broadband services over copper wires. For more information visit

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