ITW acquires surge-protection product lines from Panamax

July 25, 2002
July 25, 2002--The Max, TowerMax, and RacMax lines are now part of the Linx family of protection products.

ITW Linx ( has acquired the TowerMax, Max, and RacMax surge-protection product lines from Panamax Corp.

"TowerMax is a tremendous complement to the Linx family of surge-protection products for communications systems," the company said in announcing the acquisition. "The modularity of the TowerMax product provides installers with a simple, easy-to-install protection solution."

Linx currently offers a Category 5e primary solid-state protector, which also connects to the TowerMax system. The Max 8 and Max 4 protection products add new AC-line protection capabilities for ITW Linx, the company says. The Max products also interconnect with the TowerMax line to provide a complete protection solution. And the rack-mounted RacMax AC protection products complement the new TeleLinx and DataLinx rack-mounted products designed to protect voice and data networks.

"The addition of the TowerMax, Max, and RacMax products to the Linx business enables us to provide our customers with a comprehensive surge-protection solution that prevents devastating downtime and equipment damage to their communication systems," says Brian Truesdale, ITW Linx's general manager.

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