IDEAL to expand optical fiber tool line

July 18, 2002
July 18,2002 -- Company hopes to take advantage of dark fiber needs

IDEAL INDUSTRIES, Inc. is creating a major expansion of its optical fiber tool line.

The company hopes to capitalize on the mounting demand to light dormant or dark optical fiber cable for use in LANs, industrial and home networking, security installations, and long-haul/broadband communications.

The broad based product launch is the latest in a series of initiatives by IDEAL to extend its end-to-end solutions strategy of offering tools to cut, strip, terminate, test and certify the widest array of wire and cable types. IDEAL plans to introduce more than a dozen next-generation otpical fiber tools. These will include jacket strippers, cutters, scribes, polishers and microscopes to help fiber technicians and installers light the tens of
thousands of miles of dark fiber optic cable currently installed worldwide.

"Less than 5% of installed fiber in the United States is carrying traffic, so the potential demand for these tools is enormous," says Tom Reinert, product manager of Fiber Optic Tools for IDEAL. "Moreover, we believe the tools that are now on the market for fiber technicians are lacking in quality, performance and value. This is where IDEAL steps in. Our new product line is designed for today1s technology environment."

Reinert expects that the insatiable demand for bandwidth capacity will soon leave carriers with little choice but to bring into service more optical fiber cable.

Reinert says despite rumors of the glut in bandwidth, total demand for communications continues to rise 15% annually and Internet traffic is growing at least 80% per year. The research firm TeleChoice reports that 63% of busy routes between major cities are now running at or near capacity.

IDEAL INDUSTRIES, based in Sycamore, IL, is a manufacturer of service tools. For more information visit

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