Electricsmarts.com introduces NetPricer service

April 4, 2002
April 3, 2002--The service allows contractors to connect to distributors and download prices in seconds.

Electricsmarts.com (www.electricsmarts.com) has introduced NetPricer, a service that allows contractors to connect to distributors and download negotiated prices in seconds. The contractors must use estimating software from vendors participating in the NetPricer service.

Traditionally, a contractor puts together a materials list, sends it to a distributor, waits for the distributor to price and return the list, then key the costs into the estimate. "Now," says Electrismarts.com, "after completing the regular estimating process, all a contractor needs to do is the equivalent of pressing a button to get pricing. The system will then go out over the Internet, find the requested distributor, and download accurate, negotiated prices right into the estimate."

The company says that contractors can estimate jobs 24 hours a day, without needing the supply house to be open. "Distributors can quote more with less time, cost, and effort, and utilize their key people to sell," Electricsmarts.com says.

With NetPricer, distributors control the customers who have access, and can adjust prices at any time. Also, the NetPricer system notifies the distributor as to which customer has accessed pricing information, and what material was quoted so that the distributor can follow up.

"The reception for this product has been outstanding," according to Keith Peck, president of Electricsmarts.com. "Contractors are really excited and have told us. They've been asking for this capability for years. Nevertheless, distributors were never going to send their data to every estimating-software company that wanted to connect their customers. It's just too much effort. It takes an independent like Electricsmarts.com, working with all vendors and distributors, to make this happen."

Electricsmarts.com serves the electrical, voice/data, and security industries. The site provides links to manufacturer's Web sites, including spec sheets, MSDS sheets, and other information.

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