3M releases copper cabling system

May 16, 2002
May 10, 2002--Volition is not just fiber anymore, as 3M unveils a Category 5e cabling system that includes a tool-less jack.

3M (www.3M.com), long known in the premises cabling industry for its VF-45 small-form-factor fiber-optic connector and the Volition fiber-optic cabling system, has introduced a Category 5e unshielded twisted-pair copper cabling system, also under the Volition name.

The Volition Cat 5e system is an end-to-end system that includes cable and connecting hardware, including a tool-less jack.

"Market demand for copper systems continues to grow in importance for applications up to Gigabit Ethernet," said Ed McGlynn, marketing manager. "Although fiber offers bandwidth over distance and provides the migration path for the future when transmission speeds will exceed gigabit, copper is well-positioned for today."

The 3M Volition RJ-45 jack requires no punchdown tools for termination and includes a spring-loaded shutter for dust protection. The jack is reusable. The Volition Cat 5e system is also available with traditional 110-style jacks.

The capability and resources to produce a UTP cabling system came from 3M's acquisition of Quante Pouyet, a manufacturer of system components for public and private telecommunications networks, in 2000.

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