IMC Networks announces MediaLinX switching media converter

May 20, 2002
May 20, 2002--The manufacturer expects to begin shipping the product in the third quarter.

IMC Networks has announced its MediaLinX Switching Media Converter.

MediaLinX is designed to interconnect different network segments to a multimode fiber backbone in the LAN, or connect multiple LANs over MAN fiber. Featuring a 10/100 ethernet copper port and a 100Base-FX fiber port, the MediaLinX is both a media and a speed converter, enabling network administrators to extend ethernet networks up to 80 kilometers over singlemode fiber.

"MediaLinX is an ideal solution for Local Area Networks where older 10 Mbps copper segments are connected to 100 Mbps optical fiber in order to extend the distances and the productive life of the legacy cabling plant and active equipment," says Michael Dailey, president and chief executive officer of IMC Networks. "Also, with MediaLinX, service providers can offer their customers Ethernet-based IP services at 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps."

MediaLinX is based on store and forward technology with the fiber uplink operating at 100 Mbps ethernet and available for regular duplex or single-strand fiber. For a variety of applications, users can force the 10/100 ethernet port between auto-negotiation, 10 Mbps ethernet, 100 Mbps fast ethernet, and in full-duplex or half-duplex mode. MediaLinX includes LinkLoss and FiberAlert features to quickly isolate and troubleshoot any problems on optical fiber networks.

MediaLinX, which is available in modular and standalone versions, is expected to ship in the third quarter. U.S. list prices start from $360 for the modular version and $410 for the standalone version. For more information visit

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