Pearson Technologies introduces training-video series

Feb. 28, 2002
February 28, 2002--The series includes a procedure for hand-polishing singlemode fiber to achieve 50-dB reflectance.

Pearson Technologies Inc. (, a fiber-optic communications consultancy and training organization, has released an 11-CD video training series. Entitled "FiberPro Professional Fiber Optic Installation Video," the series presents written and video procedures for installing three styles of fiber-optic connectors with two different installation methods on two basic cable design.

The series includes the installation of ST-compatible, SC, and MT-RJ connectors on 900-micron cables, and on jacketed cables. The series features both epoxy and "cleave-and-leave" installation methods.

Each CD contains an Adobe Acrobat document and a video. The document includes tools and materials required, detailed instructions, and a troubleshooting guide. The videos can be viewed with MediaPlayer, RealPlayer, or QuickTime, or from within the Acrobat document.

A training procedure for hand-polishing singlemode connectors to 50-dB reflectance-a unique procedure according to Pearson Technologies-is included in the series.

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