Dyneon developing foamed FEP product line

Feb. 28, 2002
February 28, 2002--The company says foamed FEP can lower the weight, and cost, of communications cable.

Dyneon, a 3M company (www.dyneon.com) and producer of fluoropolymers, recently announced that it is expanding its product lines to include a foamed FEP offering for communications wire and cable.

"The Dyneon Application and Product Development Lab is developing foaming solutions for Dyneon's FEP product line," the company said in a statement. "Foamed FEP is in demand for a number of communications applications, where it can improve electrical performance and lower the cost and weight of a cable."

"We are seeing increased demands in many wire and cable end-user markets, such as new trends ... in datacom with increased demand for better electrical performance," said Paula Hubbard, global marketing manager for wire and cable and Dyneon. "Many of the emerging electrical, temperature, and fire-safety performance challenges for designers and specifiers can be remedied by fluoropolymers. That is why we are increasing our product offerings and positioning Dyneon personnel to focus on innovation and marketing within the wire and cable industry."

In the release, Dyneon mentioned the automotive, aerospace, chemical-processing, and appliance-manufacturing industries, in addition to telecommunications, as those to whom the company is targeting its expanded fluoropolymer product lines.

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