Draka Comteq expands, introduces 10-G fiber

Feb. 7, 2002
February 1, 2002--The inclusion of eight separate entities under the Draka Comteq name reflects the organization's global reach.

Effective January 21, Helix/HiTemp Cables; Chromatic Technologies; Draka Norsk Kabel of Norway; Draka Fileca and Draka Foptica, of France; Draka Multimedia Cable of Germany; Draka Cardinal Cable in the U.K.; and Draka Data Cable Technologies of Singapore have adopted the Draka Comteq marketing label for Draka Holdings' offering of communications cables.

Draka Comteq (www.drakacomteq.com) was introduced in 2000 as the marketing label for Draka Holdings' copper and optical-fiber telecommunications cables. The company says this latest move is in response to the developing global demands to service the digitalization and convergence of multiple communications technologies. The individual companies remain responsible for their own local activities and sales.

"As our customers act more and more on a global level, and demand high standards in terms of production capacity and know-how, Draka Comteq is positioned as the strategic partner for these customers," the company said in a release. "To service these customers we need to remain ahead of those market developments, and the cooperation of the worldwide Draka Comteq companies allows us to do so."

The organization recently introduced MaxCap, a 50-micron multimode fiber that is "optimized for 850-nm laser launch and produced by means of the PCVC [plasma-activated chemical vapor deposition] process, suitable for 10 Gbit/second applications over 300 meters," according to Rob Gilberti Jr., RCDD, director of marketing for specialty fiber cables. "MaxCap has an effective modal bandwidth of minimum 2,000 MHz-km at 850 nm, as specified in the proposed TIA/EIA-492AAAC detailed fiber specifications," he added.

"The MaxCap is the solution that bridges 1-Gbit/sec capable horizontal cabling systems based on ordinary Category 5e or 6 copper products with 10- to 40-Gbit/sec systems in the WAN and MAN over singlemode optical fiber," said Harry van der Meer, RCDD, director of technology.

Any Draka Comteq cable can be produced with MaxCap fiber in all jacket constructions-tight buffer or loose tube-and can be installed in interbuilding applications via duct, direct-buried or aerial, or inside the building in trays, riser shafts, wiring rooms, or plenums, according to engineering manager Ed Wiencek.

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