The Time Warner Cable mishap

April 28, 2016

Courtesy of Youtube's Cube Computer Channel, we give you this first-person tale of broadband installation services woe involving multiple dwellings, multiple technicians, mistaken connections, and a cut buried cable.

This is a good story, if just a bit dated. However, here's some more recent TWC news, as gleaned from around the web:

Bloomberg Technology: Charter-TWC Deal Said to Advance With Plan for Vote at FCC (Apr. 25, 2016) -- "Charter Inc.’s proposed $55.1 billion purchase of Time Warner Cable Inc. will advance as soon as Monday with the support of the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, a person with knowledge of the matter said."

TechDirt: FCC To Ban Charter Communications From Imposing Usage Caps If It Wants Merger Approval (Apr. 25, 2016) -- "If you recall, the FCC and DOJ blocked Comcast's acquisition of Time Warner Cable, in large part because of the sheer volume of nonsensical benefits Comcast tried to claim the deal would bring consumers. When Charter Communications subsequently announced its own acquisition of the company, it decided to take a different tack; most notably by taking a more congenial tone with regulators, dialing back the tone-deaf rhetoric and astroturf, and even hiring long-time net neutrality and consumer advocate Marvin Ammori to help seal the deal. And it's now apparent that Charter's approach paid off."

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