Videos - The Cable-Pulling Series

4 Basic, 30 minute instructional videos that detail the basics of how to pull cable.

Th Video 01

4 Basic, 30 minute instructional videos that detail the basics of how to pull cable.

This four-part series will take you through every aspect of pulling telecommunication cables in a commercial building. For the first time, terms such as "slack", "pullback", coil and throw" plus many more will be explained. The cable-pulling team will all be on the same wavelength, each member of the team communicating in the language that professional cable pullers understand.

Here is some of the valuable information you will learn:


Video #1: Cable Pre-Pulling

Th Video 01
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  • Understanding a floor plan
  • Grouping your pulls
  • Determining the set-up area
  • Critical Angle
  • Installing supports

Video #2: Horizontal Cable Pulling

Th Video 02
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  • Feeding & pulling techniques
  • Determining slack
  • Labeling cables
  • Installer responsibility
  • Communications & signals

Video #3: Riser Cable Pulling

Th Video 03
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  • "Up" versus "Down" pulling techniques
  • Inner duct
  • Core hole & sleeves
  • Securing cables

Video #4: Work-area Cable Pulling

Th Video 04
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  • Dropping down walls, columns & telepoles
  • Fishing techniques
  • Modular furniture
  • Pull-back techniques

Whether you are pulling copper or fiber cables, you will be taught principles and techniques that greatly increase the efficiency of the installation process. This series provides you the ability to train new hires quickly and efficiently in the cable-pulling process, saving your company thousands of dollars by decreasing installation time and correcting mistakes that untrained personnel incur during the cable-pulling process.

Cost of the videos is $495/set and a $9.95 shipping & handing charge. Residents of CA, DC, IL, NJ, NY, OK, PA, TX, and WA add applicable sales tax. Canadian residents add 7% GST.

To order, please call (800)-752-9764.

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