Neat-Patch introduces patch-cord management device

March 26, 2003
March 26, 2003--The product, also called Neat-Patch, allows users to coil excess patch-cord slack and slide it into a compartment.

Neat-Patch (, a Hopkinsville, KY-based company founded in 2002, has introduced a patch-cord management product, also called Neat-Patch. The company describes the product as "a unique one-piece plastic-molded design that is non-conductive and therefore cannot be associated with electrical issues such as surges and grounding."

The rack-mounted system enables users to store excess patch-cord slack in a compartment. Literature describing the product and its uses explains, "Instead of wadding-up the slack and stuffing it into a finger-duct, the user simply coils the excess and slides it into place.

"Most users should educate themselves with the industry specifications and standards; however there are many companies that don't. Neat-Patch addresses these companies by providing a cosmetic appeal to their network. While they [might] ignore industry standards, they will not ignore an unorganized and unmanageable network."

The company's Web site includes three-dimensional displays of Neat-Patch, in both open-rack and cabinet applications.

"Our company has been extremely aggressive in performing an exhaustive market research with many companies, large and small," says Neat-Patch president Ed Stoneberger. "The response has been most overwhelmingly positive. Each client has responded that while the idea is so simple, the product is so useful and practical." He stresses that his product is complementary to any integrated solution, meaning it can be used even if other cord-management products are also in use.

More information is available at the Web site, or by calling 866-NEAT-ONE.

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