Investment bank deploys physical-layer management across Europe

Aug. 6, 2003
August 6, 2003--Using RiT Technologies' latest version of PatchView for the Enterprise, the bank will manage more than 500,000 ports from three locations.

RiT Technologies ( recently announced that a United States investment bank is deploying RiT's PatchView for the Enterprise Version 3.0 software at its 12 sites across Europe. The deployment enables the bank to centrally manage more than 500,000 ports that have been installed over the past five years.

"The web-enabled PatchView for the Enterprise Version 3.0 solution will allow the bank to manage its vast European physical-layer network from just three centralized control sites: one for its eight London branches; one for its Frankfurt offices; and one for its operations in Milan, Zurich, and Geneva," RiT said in a release announcing the deployment.

"Today's enterprises are crippled when the network goes down, and, for financial institutions, the associated losses can run to several millions of dollars," said Liam Galin, president and CEO of RiT. "We are pleased that this bank, one of our first PatchView customers, is taking advantage of the exciting new features of Version 3.0. Using the system's full web integration, the bank will be able to increase the reliability and control of the physical layer, exactly the right type of move for a company moving to rationalize its operations."

PatchView stakes claim to being the first physical-layer management system. It uses intelligent patch panels, scanners, and management software to deliver end-to-end real-time network visibility.

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